Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions
Updated 2018 January 1

1. The initial joining fee per member is $75(+tx).  New Members receive via mail a Public Country Club Member ID card to show for membership privileges.

2. Monthly membership fee, currently $55(+tx), covers unlimited greens fees* EXCEPT:
Tier 1 level courses play not valid Saturdays & Sundays & Holidays between 7:00AM-11:00AM.
Tier 2 & 3 level courses play not valid Saturdays & Sundays & Holidays between 7:00AM & NOON.
Tier 1 = no surcharge per round.
Tier 2 = $25/round surcharge (includes riding cart) only on Saturday-Sunday-Holidays. No surcharge Monday-Friday.
Tier 3 = $45/round surcharge (includes riding cart) all days.

3. Participating courses are subject to change. All members will be updated via email when a course is added or removed. CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT PARTICIPATING COURSES

4. Membership dues are billed on the 1st of the month (year round) and recurrent until request for cancellation is received. The initial $75(+tx)  joining fee is billed at time of signup.

5. Member may discontinue with a 30-day written cancellation. All cancellation notices must be submitted via the Contact Us form at https://thepubliccc.com/contact

6. If Membership is cancelled and member later wishes to re-join, membership re-activation is subject to delay if a Waiting List exists and re-joining fees of the initial $75(+tx) joining fee plus (if re-joining with 8 months) payment of missed monthly dues apply.

7. Riding carts are only required Saturdays & Sundays for teetimes BEFORE 7AM. If taken, members pay the course at time of check-in the following standardized riding cart fees: $10 for 9 holes or $20 for 18 holes. NOTE: Public CC Member riding cart fees are the same at ALL participating courses (regardless of what the local course normally charges). Exception: A few PCC courses have layouts that are not walkable (for safety and/or pace of play purposes). Members will be notified of which courses this applies to.

8. Courses may file a complaint against a member for observed inappropriate behavior including: damage to course or property, verbal abuse of staff, non-compliance with The Public CC guidelines (eg. non-compliance with payment of standardized riding cart rates, late for tee time, disruptive to play at course, etc.). Member will be notified immediately if a complaint is filed. If 2 separate complaints (on 2 different dates) are filed against a Member, membership will be immediately suspended.

9. Membership card is REQUIRED for check-in at course.  Play is not allowed without presence and presentation of your Member ID Card. If card is lost, please fill out a Contact Us form at www.ThePublicCC.com and a $10 replacement fee (for 2 cards) will be charged.

10. Member Terms & Conditions may be modified at any time for any reason by PCC if deemed necessary for the continued success of the program.  Members will be notified via email when any modifications are implemented and continued participation shall serve as acknowledgement and agreement to updated Terms & Conditions.

11. *The Public CC is intended to be a multi-course membership. Members may play up to 12 eighteen hole rounds/ month PER course (so 12 rounds x 25+ courses = 300+ rounds/ month total) included with our $55/month membership. If more than 12 rounds are played at ONE specific course, a fee of $10 per additional 9 holes is billed at the end of the month. Example: If 14 eighteen hole rounds are played at one specific course in a calendar month, the first 12 rounds are included but an additional $40 would be billed for the additional 36 holes ($10 per 9 holes billed). Exception: Tier 3 play is limited to ONE ROUND per month. Members who play more than 1 round in a month at a Tier 3 course will be billed $95 to compensate the course for extra round(s).

By joining, I hereby authorize TwinCitiesGolf.com (dba Twin Cities Golf Organization) to charge, or to initiate transfer from, the account designated above for the purpose of making the recurring monthly payments I owe for TwinCitiesGolf.com’s The Public Country Club Membership dues on or around the 1st of the month. I understand that my obligation under this agreement includes my recurring monthly fees, applicable state sales taxes, charges and any other unpaid fees or dues including past unpaid dues, penalties and fees. This authorization will remain in full force and effect during the term of this membership agreement which is OPEN unless cancelled by the Member. I confirm that I am authorized under the terms of the applicable agreement with my financial institution to use the account designated for the purchase of good and services from TwinCitiesGolf.com and agree to comply with the financial institution’s agreement at all times this authorization is in effect. I understand at no time am I eligible to receive any refunds for any amounts paid. I further agree that should I terminate this direct payment authorization, that upon such termination I shall have no further golfing or membership privileges with the The Public Country Club. I also agree to indemnify Twin Cities Golf Organization and all participating PCC courses from any and all damages or liabilities incurred while using the benefits of PCC membership.