About Us

Our Mission is to create fun local communities of passionate golfers who enjoy gathering, golfing, laughing, getting great member benefits and having some friendly competition.

The idea for PCC was born in 2015 after hearing thousands of golfers throughout the years at our TwinCitiesGolf.com events say “I don’t play as much golf as I’d like because I can’t afford it” and “I’d play more if I was part of a fun local club.”

So the journey to solve this dilemma AND help golf courses be more successful began in Minneapolis/ St. Paul (Twin Cities), Minnesota where conducted a beta membership during 2016 with 500 golfers and 15 courses.

It was a smashing success (happy golfers, happy courses), so we’re growing…adding new members and courses (including outstate area courses so you can tee it up wherever you are).

Hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey. If you love golf, you’re going love The Public Country Club.

Step 1: CLICK HERE to hop on the Waiting List. We add new members based on where they live and how many PCC courses are in that area  (so we don’t overload the courses) – so watch for a “You’re Invited” email hopefully in the near future.